Lavana is a mix of two things I love: Lavender and Havana. I’ve had a lifelong obsession with this healing herb and four years ago, planted two terraces of lavender in the Penèdes foothills tucked amongst the grape vines on land I share with friends. We annually harvest close to 1,000 plants in June/July by hand, dry the flowers and distil them into essential oil or mature them in organic, cold-pressed flaxseed, almond or hemp oils. The Havana side comes from falling in love with the Cuban city and gathering beautiful banana blossom there, a key ingredient of the Wild night oil

Lavana, in the ancient language of Sanskrit, is a mix up of meanings that all work for me too: beautiful, salty, to harvest…

Most of Lavana’s hand-crafted, small-batch skincare blends have a base of lavender and armfuls of other wild, sustainably foraged or carefully sourced organic ingredients. By harnessing potent plant properties and using powerful combinations, I have created creams, balms and oils that deeply nurture, heal and uplift. These wild blends nourish the skin from the outside in, while aromas of mossy, green woodland, Mediterranean pine forests, rosemary, and thyme soothe the soul. When you open a pot or bottle I want you to smell the earth, the roots, to get a sense of the souls of the many plants I have used in just one product. 

The Lavana blends are the result of much research into ancient, plant-based healing systems such as Ayurveda and Traditional Chinese Medicine and modern techniques that are taking plant wisdom to new levels. I have also been accompanied by amazing teachers, healers who has shared a deep and endless knowledge of skincare and plants with me freely and without compromise. This is knowledge that needs to be shared. I want you to learn about the plants too and empower yourself with green knowledge. I’ll be sharing stuff here that I think needs sharing. 

The natural world is our ally and if we disconnect from it we disconnect from ourselves. Arm yourself with plant wisdom and you will be much better equipped to take care of yourself and in turn, to nurture the source, our planet earth. 

“…stay together
learn the flowers
go light… “

Gary Snyder:

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